11+ courses

Weekly 2-hour course covering NVR, VR and maths. Ensuring your child is fully prepared for all aspects of the CEM test.

Creative writing

A targeted programme supporting children to improve their structure, vocabulary and speed in all genre types.

Wonderful words

This is a weekly high energy session focused on increasing vocabulary and enabling students to use words correctly.

Crafty comprehension

Each week, children will unpick, investigate and discuss high-level passages providing them with the skills to answer challenging inference questions.

Wordy maths

Learn how to pick out key information, organise your calculations and check your answers in complex, wordy maths questions.


5.30-7:30pm - Online


4-6pm - Face-to-face
(The Edge Community Centre, Cooper’s Edge GL3 4DY)

5.30-7:30pm - Online


3.45-5.45pm - Face-to-face
(Newnham Library GL14 1AB)